The Cleburne County Animal Clinic keeps job applications of file for 1 yr after the application is presented to us.  When an opening becomes available for any position, the current file of job 
applications is reviewed prior to advertising the position as open.  We encourage anyone that would have an interest in joining our team to maintain an open application in our files, and to be 
sure and update that application at least yearly.  The Cleburne County Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital, therefore previous medical experience (veterinary or otherwise) is one 
of the most important things we look for in an application.  A professional and caring attitude is also very important, and that attitude is easily assessed by speaking with the applicant 
personally.  This is the primary reason we prefer applicants submit their resume in person.  Resumes are also received by mail, fax (501) 362-8284, and by e-mail to docjim@cleburnevet.com.

Here are brief descriptions of the positions at our clinic.  We maintain an active file of applications for each position, even if they are currently filled.  If a position becomes available, 
the first thing we do is review the current file of applicants for that position before we advertise the position as open:

This position primarily involves directly assisting the Dr. and primary assistant in the outpatient clinic.  The assistants are responsible for getting the patients 
from the reception area into the examination room and helping the client get their pet back to their vehicle after the appointment.  The assistants obtain and record the 
patients weight and temperature, and holds the patient for the examination.  The assistant also administers any injectable medication and prepares and labels any dispensed 
medication.  The assistant also is responsible for maintaining the surgical suite, sterilizing surgical packs and assisting in preparing animals for surgery or treatments. 
 Experienced assistants will be taught the operation and maintenance of our complete laboratory equipment.  This position is expected to be expanded to where the 
assistant is able to obtain and perform basic blood chemistry analysis, urinalysis and ekg's.    This is a full-time position with full days on Mon, Tues, Thurs and 
Fridays and alternating Wednesday Mornings.  This position is also expected to be expanded to taking responsibility for care of hospitalized or boarded pets 
on alternating weekends.  This position requires a high-school diploma or GED and some medical experience.   Experience in a veterinary hospital is a plus, 
but not a requirement.

Kennel Attendant:  This is usually a full-time position, but we sometimes fill the position with part-time employees as well.  This position primarily includes care 
of the hospitalized patients and boarded pets.  This position requires an excellent ability to get along with animals as well as people.  A high-school diploma or GED 
is also required for this position.  This position may be expanded to taking responsibility for performing some weekend kenned duties.

Receptionist:   The receptionist welcomes clients arriving with their pets and maintains the medical records.  She is in charge of keeping the appointment schedule organized and
assists in keeping the clinic running smoothly.  This position requires excellent people skills, a high-school diploma or GED and working knowledge of Quickbooks accounting.

A word from Dr. Pierce:

It is not unusual for some positions in a veterinary hospital to change and evolve because of different personalities or abilities of the available staff.  We have been blessed to have many 
different people spend a part of their employment with us.  Many have moved on to bigger and better things (Including a professor of horse surgery at UCA-Davis,  several registered 
nurses, general practice veterinarians and business owners).  Working at a veterinary practice is often exciting and challenging as well as sometimes sad and heart-wrenching.  From 
new puppies to saying goodbye to an old and beloved pet, there is nothing like being involved in people's lives with their pets.  I often compare the positions here to what they say 
about the Peace Corps:  "It's the toughest job you will every love!"   It is, admittedly, difficult to find people that have that perfect combination of compassion and an obsession for
 detail and performance.  If you think you have that type of dedication and caring, I invite you to maintain an application on file at our clinic.

Dr. Pierce